How to use the Netflix Chrome extension?

To enhance your Netflix experience with language learning, follow these steps to install and use the FluentU Netflix Chrome extension.

Step 1: Install Google Chrome

The Netflix Chrome extension is only compatible with Google Chrome. If you don't have Chrome installed, download and install it from the following link: Download Google Chrome.

Step 2: Install the Netflix Chrome Extension

Once you have Google Chrome installed, then you'll need to install the Netflix Chrome extension to your browser using this link: FluentU Netflix Chrome extension

Step 3: Log In to the Extension

After installing the extension, click on the FluentU icon in your Chrome toolbar to log in. Follow the prompts to enter your credentials. For a visual guide, refer to this screenshot: Log In Screenshot.

Step 4: Start Watching Netflix

With the FluentU extension logged in, go to Netflix and start playing any video of your choice.

Step 5: Switch Subtitles to Desired Language

Once the video is playing, switch the subtitles to the language you are learning. This can be done through the subtitle settings on Netflix.

Step 6: Use the FluentU Features

While watching, hover over or click on any word in the subtitles to see definitions and examples. This feature helps you understand and learn new vocabulary in context.

Step 7: Add Words to Your Vocabulary

To further enhance your learning, add words to your vocabulary. These words can later be reviewed within the FluentU app.

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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