Pronunciation or Pinyin Seems Incorrect

At FluentU we strive to offer the widest – and best – array of Chinese-language content we can. This means we include quality videos from all over the Chinese-speaking world. As a result however, there may be some slight variation in accent, and sometimes even tones, from speakers in videos depending on where the video is from.

For pinyin, transcription, and learning purposes however, we adhere to Standard Mandarin as it’s described in Mainland China. So, if you notice a slight difference in pronunciation – it may very well be geographic!

But of course, we’re human and sometimes we make mistakes too. Pronunciation or Pinyin Seems Incorrect If you’re pretty sure that we’re wrong, please tell us the details of the mistake by clicking on the Support button on the left side of the screen, then choose the option "take screenshot". This will automatically take a screenshot, which helps us solve issues like this. 

When you send your mistake report, please also be as specific as possible with the context (eg. which video or deck) so that we can quickly find the problem.

Updated on: 18/03/2024

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