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-- Can  we set  different  languages and levels, some  of our students will like to take intermediate German and others Newbie French, is this possible?

Yes, with your account you can create multiple classes, and each class can have one language and one level. These are set when you first create the class. 

-- Do I need to pay for each class I create?

No, you can create as many classes as you want. The only limitation is number of licenses/users.

-- Do you need the student's emails or other personal info to set up an account?

No, we do not need the emails of your students. Each of your classes will have a class code like "mrOfTJyt". Your students will create an account at and they don't need an email address to do so. When they create their account, they should put in the class code to join the class. 

-- Are we able to re-set the language if the student decides to change it by any reason?

No. You would drop the student, and then the student would have to rejoin the new class. 

-- Does one teacher have access to all languages and levels?

Yes, all teachers have access to all languages and levels. Students have access to the language in the class. 

-- Can students access all the videos, even if it's below or above their level?

Students can access any video in the language, regardless of the level assigned to them. It only affects the words which are tested when they click on "Learn". Higher level means the easier words are skipped. Also, it affects the video recommendations. 

-- As an instructor, am I free to choose any video at any level I like?


-- If I sign the students in one class, are they free to use video on one level upper or lower without paying more?


Updated on: 12/03/2024

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