The site is flexible to your needs. You can choose which videos to watch and learn from. That is to say, you create your own structure based on your needs.

You can hover over words to see their translation. Clicking on them opens up a window with more info. 

The Ready for Review and My Vocab sections allow you to review words you've learned. 

You will sometimes see a tooltip that gives you helpful tips on using the site. 

You also have access to "Quiz" mode, which includes personalized flashcards and quizzes as well. In addition, you have access to printable PDFs of each video's transcript on the website.

Many of our users focus on one video at a time, watching it over an over until they grasp the vocabulary and the pronunciation of each word, as well as how they fit in real-life sentences. This may work for you, or you might want to focus on vocab alone before you dive into listening comprehension. In that case you might want to start with our Newbie videos. 

If you have further questions, feel free to let us know or check out the rest of this FAQ page.