Android users will have to download an additional keyboard in order to type in Japanese. Please follow these instructions:

1. In the Google Play store, search for and download the “Google Japanese Input” app.

2. Once installed, tap "OPEN."

3. In Step 1, tap "ENABLE IN SETTINGS."

This will open up a "Language & input" option screen. 

4. Turn "Google Japanese Input" on by tapping on the slider next to it. 

5. Tap OK when the "Attention" dialog pops up.

6. Exit the app.

7. Go to "Settings" and select "Language & input."

8. Under "Keyboard & input methods" select "Google Japanese Input" to configure the keyboard. Select between 12 keys, QWERTY, and Godan, according to your preference.

Once you have finished configuration, tap on the back button.

9. Scroll up and tap on "Current Keyboard." This will likely be "English (US) – Android Keyboard."

Look for "Japanese - Google Japanese Input and select it.

You can also change the keyboard any time by tapping the little globe icon: 

You are now ready to type in Japanese!