How to start using FluentU on the website and the iOS app for Teachers and Students

We recommend you sign up for a Teacher account on the website. If you sign up on the iOS app, you'll only have the option of choosing a Regular account.

If you already signed up on the iOS app, you can deactivate your account on the website and start a new Teacher account. Go to Settings, then scroll to the bottom to "Deactivate account".

We provide student accounts too. Teachers can add students by a class code after creating a class. Or you can add students manually. You can learn how to do this here. When students sign up for FluentU, they should use the website too. But after signup, they can use the iOS app to view our videos.

Basically the website has all of the school features for teachers.

You can create your classes. (After you create a class, a class code is automatically created.)

You can add students by the class code. Also you can add students manually.

You can add other teachers manually. If your school wants to buy licenses for multiple teachers.

You can assign assignments to your classes.

You can check your students' progress for each content.

On the app, students can do their assignments which are assigned by a teacher.

Updated on: 18/03/2024

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