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Is there romaji?

We made a decision early on to encourage our users to type in Japanese instead of romaji whenever possible, and thus we don't have many romaji prompts in our videos, if at all. 

The purpose of this decision is to train you right from the start to be able to type out and identify the correct Japanese words when necessary instead of relying on romaji.

The best way to get quiz answers right is to either:

1) Type words in Japanese using a Japanese input tool, or

2) Type out the romaji that corresponds to what someone would type to bring up the correct Japanese word.


The quiz is taking 東京 for an answer.

People know this as "Tokyo" in English. This is an anglicized version that removes long vowels.

As such, typing "tokyo" into a Japanese input tool will not make the Japanese word 東京 appear. To actually type it out properly, you need to input toukyou instead of tokyo.

Therefore the quiz will only take the following as correct answers:

1) toukyou

2) とうきょう

3) 東京

Updated on: 12/03/2024

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